Care tips to preserve your awning's good looks

Regular care and cleaning will extend the life of the high-quality awning fabric and and keep your awning looking good for longer.


A clean surface and brilliant colours depend not only on the quality of the awning fabric, but also on various environmental influences, weathering, the location and design of the awning and naturally also on regular cleaning and care.

Please note:

  • You should retract your awning promptly in wind or rain and also at night.
  • If the awning was retracted while still wet, extend it again as soon as the rain has stopped to enable it to dry out.
  • Please also retract the awning immediately in the event of snow, removing any snow lying on the awning beforehand. If the awning should freeze, it must be thawed before retraction!

Cleaning a soiled awning:

  • Dissolve loose dirt and dust using a garden hose and clean water and remove it by spraying. Do not use a high-pressure cleaner!
  • Slight stains and soiling can be treated using a 5-10% solution of mild detergent or neutral soap and lukewarm water (max. 40°). Foam the cleaning solution using a sponge and apply the foam to the stains and leave it to work. Rinse with plenty of clean water to remove the detergent without any residue.
  • NB: Do not rub too hard with stiff brushes or sponges!
  • Please remember to use detergents that are 100% biodegradable to support the environment!

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