Technical information

A summary of fabric grades and properties of the wovens in detail.

Awning fabrics

Acrylic materials are characterised by their exceptional durability and a pleasant feel to the fabric.

Polyester fabrics are particularly elastic and have a pleasant, soft finish. Superior elastic recovery behaviour ensures the fabric remains smooth.

Acrylic and polyester fabrics from Lewens are:

  • light-resistant and colourfast
  • weatherproof and rot resistant
  • water-repellent and fast-drying
  • Teflon and Cleangard finishing makes them resistant to environmental influences
  • heat- and cold-resistant
  • tear-resistant
  • air-permeable
  • easy to care for
Composition 100 % Acryl 100 % Acryl 100 % Polyester
solution dyed, designed for outdoor use
Width ca. 120 cm
Weight 300 g/m², +/-5% 290 g/m² 300 g/m², +/-5%
Fastness to light and weather conditions 7/8-8 degree blue scale – UNI EN ISO 105 B04 — 4-5/5 degree grey scale after 1000 hours exposure – UNI EN ISO 105 B04
Finishing stain-, water- and oil-repellent, mould-resistant
HI-CLEAN with Teflon CLEANGARD HI-CLEAN with Teflon
Environmental compatibility Öko-Tex Standard 100

Screen fabric and Soltis 92

Screen fabrics consist of PVC-coated fibreglass processed to form a twill. The twill weave is what gives this fabric its particular texture and appearance. Available as "serge" with an openness factor of 3% and "serge 1%" with just 1% openness factor.

Soltis 92 is a composite with a base of high-tenacity polyester yarn. This fabric offers an openness factor of 4%.

Openness factor OF 3 % 1 % 4 %
Fabric type PVC-coated fibreglass fabric, twill (twill weave) Composite, base cloth made of high-tenacity polyester yarn
Width 250 cm (98,4”) 250 cm (98,4”) 177 cm (69,7”)
Thickness 0,8 mm 0,6 mm 0,45 mm
Weight 544 g/m² 474 g/m² 420 g/m²
Colour fastness 7 on the blue scale
ISO 105 B02 (1994)
6 on the blue scale, white excluded
ISO 105 B02 (1994)
Excellent weather and UV resistance
Environmental compatibility Öko-Tex Standard 100 100% recyclable


Awning fabrics made from acrylic or polyester,
manufactured exclusively from Oeko-Tex-certified materials

The Oeko-Tex certificate guarantees that our water-repellent acrylic and polyester awning fabrics are non-toxic. The laboratory tests on which it is based confirm that no unpleasant odours, carcinogenic or volatile substances or pesticides are detectable in the fabrics. The awning fabrics satisfy the requirements set out in section 15.2, "Fabric", of the UNI EN 13561:2009 standard.



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