Plus X Award 2021

Murano Integrale Z – recognised for High Quality, Design, Ease of Use and Functionality

The Plus X Award is the world’s biggest innovation award for technology, sports and lifestyle, recognising brands for leading the way in the quality and innovation of their products.

In 2021, the awning manufacturer Lewens received the Plus X Award’s seals of approval for High Quality, Design, Ease of Use and Functionality for its Murano Integrale Z glass roof as well as a special award for “Maximum Customer Satisfaction”.

Murano Integrale Z is one of the first systems to integrate a ZIP awning into a glass roof. Many different factors were taken into account in the development of the Murano Integrale Z, such as inclined walls, uneven ground and different variations within the dimensions. The glass roof system is installed via a plug and play system: once erected, it only has to be plugged into the socket and it operates as promised. The awning can be extended and retracted easily by remote control.

A favourite spot under the glass

Like all new products for 2021, the new Murano Integrale Z glass roof is equipped with zip guide and patented balancing spring technology. The fabric of the integral awning is guided under tension in the rails, keeping it perfectly in shape. This ensures unbroken shade from the sun without intrusive lateral light gaps, offering discerning customers a superb level of comfort. As part of a modular system, the Murano Integrale Z can be optionally expanded with the addition of Murano Glissando sliding glass elements and Murano Finestra permanent glazing. With optional comfort features such as io radio remote control, LED lighting integrated into the horizontal supports and radiant heaters, that favourite spot outdoors can be enjoyed in any weather and during all seasons.

Plus X Award - a sign of brand quality

An expert jury, consisting of various representatives from the different industries, decides on the quality seals of the innovation award: Innovation, Design, High Quality, Ease of Use, Functionality, Ergonomics and Ecology. This approach of the Plus X Award is more than just a design award – it adopts a differentiated approach with its quality seals. The Plus X Award quality seals not only set the standard for the best products, but are an unmistakeable sign of brand quality.

Special award for “Maximum Customer Satisfaction”

To determine the brands with which customers in Germany are really satisfied, PLUS X AWARD commissioned a survey. The survey, covering men and women aged 20 to 65 across all German federal states, asked respondents to name the brands they were especially satisfied with in a variety of categories. Lewens was recognised for maximum customer satisfaction, having been selected as one of the companies which, in the view of these consumers, kept their promises as well as providing high-quality products and good service.

Murano Integrale Z

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