Schiebe-Elemente Murano Glissando Typ Seitenöffnend Schiebe-Elemente Murano Glissando Detail Führung unten Schiebe-Elemente Murano Glissando Detail Griffmulden Schiebe-Elemente Murano Glissando Detail Schienen oben

Murano Glissando Side-opening type

All glass panels are slid to one side left or right for opening.

Depending on the desired width and height, 2, 3, 4 or 5 sliding panels can be mounted on 2, 3, 4 or 5 tracks.



max. 330 cm (2-track) , max. 470 cm (3-track) , max. 520 cm (4-track) , max. 580 cm (5-track)


max. 230 cm (ESG 8 mm) , max. 260 cm (ESG 10 mm)


single-pane safety glass (ESG) 8 mm , single-pane safety glass (ESG) 10 mm

Frame colours

17 RAL colours + 6 textured finishes (standard colours) , Additional RAL, special colours and effect finishes (option)


Manufactured and assembled in Germany , TÜV-tested safety , Quality and technology CE-compliant