Gelenkarmmarkise Economy


Quality and youthful design at a budget price:

The Economy awning is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a high- quality, well-designed sunshade. The folding arm awning offers a convincing combination of top Lewens quality, proven back bar technology, easy operation and a host of optional features.


Glasdach Murano Integrale Zip

Murano Integrale

Glass roof with awning: optimal protection with integral sunshade.

Murano Integrale offers variable shelter from the rain, the temperature and the sunlight. With an awning integrated into the wall profile, this model combines the transparency and protection of a glass roof with the advantages of a high-quality awning for adjustable shade from the sun. Various types and styles with posts in line with the front profile and flush or positioned inwards laterally are available to choose from, even for this generously proportioned glass roof.


Gelenkarmmarkise Family Classic

Family Classic

The classic awning: versatile and practical for patios and outdoor seating areas

The Family Classic folding arm awning with its typical valance creates a summer-like atmosphere on the patio or balcony. Available in formats up to 700 cm (as a single unit) and up to 1950 cm as a joined system, this awning is perfect even for large areas. A user-friendly awning boasting proven Lewens’ quality, the Family Classic can be enhanced by a number of interesting options.


Schiebe-Elemente Murano Glissando

Murano Glissando

Sliding glass panels: flexible, customised weather protection.

Murano glass roofs can be fitted with sliding glass side walls offering protection from the wind and weather. The glass walls consist of 2 to 10 upright glass panels creating a transparent wall. Concealed ball-bearing rollers guarantee virtually silent running.


Festverglasung Murano Finestra

Murano Finestra

Permanent glazing

Permanent glazing is the best way to achieve maximum protection from wind, weather and draughts. This can be realised as partial glazing of individual wall sections or complete glazing of entire walls up to 500 cm wide.


Gelenkarmmarkise Family Design

Family Design

Shapely and technically perfect: Designer awning for large patios and outdoor seating areas

As the designer model among the back bar awnings, the Family Design adds a touch of style. The elegant front profile with smoothly rounded ends creates a modern façade. As well as superior Lewens quality and ease of operation, the awning comes with a range of attractive optional features.


Gelenkarmmarkise Family Compact

Family Compact

Compact and close-fitting: ensuring privacy and shade on the balcony or patio

Classic design, superior quality, ease of operation and high value retention: the Family Compact combines the protective function of a cassette awning with the ease of installation of a back bar awning.


Gelenkarmmarkise Trentino Mini

Trentino Mini

The small flat cassette: full-cassette awning for balconies and small outdoor seating areas.

The angular design of the Trentino Mini creates a particularly harmonious combination with modern geometrical architecture and current trends. Like the large models in the Trentino family, the Trentino Mini offers a high level of comfort and superior quality standard. It can be equipped with a variety of optional extras.


Gelenkarmmarkise Trentino


The flat cassette to suit every style: full-cassette awning for large patios and outdoor seating areas.

The Angular and Rounded model variants of the Trentino full-cassette awning offer versatile design options for large patios and balconies. The Angular type with its linear, angular front profile forms the perfect complement to modern geometrical architecture, while the design of the Trentino Rounded model was developed with classical construction styles in mind.


Gelenkarmmarkise Toscana Mini

Toscana Mini

The small round cassette: space-saving elegance for balcony and loggia.

The smallest full-cassette awning in the Toscana series turns even the smallest balcony into a favourite bolt-hole to relax in. The design of the Toscana Mini permits a steep pitch angle on installation, meaning that it offers privacy and shade even when the sun is low in the sky.




Playful airiness: a classic for balconies and medium-sized patios.

As an award-winning classic design from the house of Lewens, the Toscana embodies timeless elegance and adds a stylish touch to any balcony or patio. A particular highlight is that the Toscana can be fitted with an especially large pitch angle, thereby creating additional shade and privacy.


Gelenkarmmarkise Toscana Grande

Toscana Grande

Large-scale shade: the ultimate in comfort for large patios.

The biggest full-cassette awning in the Toscana series with a self-supporting, oval casing presents a convincing combination of compactness and elegance and is especially suitable for large patios. When mounted on wall, ceiling or rafters, the Toscana Grande appears to float, radiating a notable lightness, even in large formats or as a joined system.


Glasdachmarkise Ancona Typ Unterglas


Glass roof awning: optionally with Vario Valance – for maximum comfort.

Whether fitted below or above the glass, the Ancona glass roof awning is the perfect solution for anyone who wishes to enjoy the conservatory or glass roof all year round and wants a practical, easy-care sunshade. The Interior type ensures that the awning remains dry, clean and safely protected from wind and weather damage. For roof mounting the Ancona awning is equipped with a protective roof cover.



Micro 100

Drop-arm awninge: airy sunshade with a view.

The Micro 100 drop-arm awning was designed especially for windows and balconies. It offers flexible protection from the sun and heat while providing ventilation as well as a view of the outside. It also provides shade and protection for window boxes. Available optionally with a pitch angle of up to 90° or 135°.



Micro 150

Clamping awning: perfect sunshade for balcony and loggia.

Fitting folding arm awnings is often a problem with rented apartments, as drill holes and heavy wall plugs in the external walls may not be permitted.
The Micro 150 clamping awning is an ideal solution here, as it can simply be clamped between floor and ceiling.


Markisolette Micro 300

Micro 300

Markisolette: mediterranean flair for every frontage.

A traditional feature in Mediterranean climes, markisolettes conjure up a southern atmosphere and add charm to the building frontage. The Micro 300 creates pleasant shading of the interior while providing a virtually unobstructed view of the outside and good ventilation. It even leaves room for window boxes and the plants enjoy shade too.


Seitenmarkise Micro 700

Micro 700

Side screen awning: privacy and shade for the patio and balcony.

The Micro 700 side screen awning provides shelter from the sun, wind and unwanted attention, creating a snug refuge on the patio, balcony or loggia. The Micro 700 complements conventional sunshades or glass roofs in terms of function and design. The fabrics of all Lewens products can be perfectly coordinated with one another.

When the side screen is retracted, the cassette can simply be removed from the bracket to protect against theft and vandalism and can be stored safely until next required.


Screen-Markise Micro 860

Micro 860

Angular type and Rounded type: vertical awnings for installation flush with the façade.

The Micro 860 (Z) vertical awning is especially suitable for unobtrusive installation flush with the façade on doors and windows, as well as on glass roof systems. An awning made from screen fabric or Soltis 92 provides optimal shade and privacy while affording views of the outside.


Screen-Markise Micro 1060

Micro 1060

Angular type and Rounded type: vertical awnings for installation flush with the façade.

The Micro 1060 (Z) vertical awning is especially suitable for unobtrusive installation flush with the façade on doors and windows, as well as on glass roof systems. An awning made from screen fabric or Soltis 92 provides optimal shade and privacy while affording views of the outside.


Screen-Markise Micro 4000

Micro 4000

Large square awning: vertical awning for large windows.

Sun and glare protection in XXL dimensions: the Micro 4000 Z was developed especially for large windows and transits on glass roofs and conservatories. It is equipped with a lateral zip guide and track, in which the fabric is concealed and guided like a zip. With screen fabric the view outwards is retained..


Glasdach Murano Vetro

Murano Vetro

Glass roof: the perfect retreat from the weather for large patios

The Murano Vetro glass roof provides protection from the weather at any time of the year, thus extending the patio season. The elegant structure can be installed relatively easily on virtually any patio and its generous maximum dimensions make it suitable even for wide expanses. A choice of types and styles is available with posts that are in line with the front profile and positioned laterally flush or inwards.


Murano Puro

Murano Puro

Glass roof: Weather protection for small and medium-sized patios.

The essence of outdoor living: the Murano Puro glass roof offers a sturdy, versatile and attractively priced option for extending the living space. The posts are in line with the gutter, maximising the area under cover and turning even small patios into a really comfortable nook. Practical detail: the downpipe is integrated invisibly into the posts.


Capri Typ Dachmontage Detail Kassette

Capri Roof-mounted type

All aspects well covered: Roof-mounted awning for glass roofs and conservatories

The Capri awning is fitted to conservatories and glass roofs as an external sunshade, preventing excessive sunlight from getting in. When used on conservatories in particular, it protects the room from heating up. Available as a single awning or a joined system, this awning is suitable also for large areas and conservatories. Featuring guide rails that can be positioned re-cessed inwards, it is the perfect solution for a hipped conservatory or inclined glass surfaces.


Glasdachmarkise Capri Typ Pergola

Capri Pergola type

Patio awning with flexible guide positioning

Installed in front of a house or terrace wall, the Capri type pergola combines the lightness of a fabric sunshade with the appearance of a patio roof. The free-standing uprights render the pergola awning an extremely windproof sunshade design. A particular highlight is the option of mounting the guide tracks and uprights moved inwards to suit the conditions of the structure and site.



Awning fabrics

Selected awning fabrics from well-known European manufacturers made up by us.

The acrylic and polyester awning fabrics are solution-dyed and are manufactured and certified according to the latest standard. Characterised by their high quality and durability, they are suitable for nearly all awning models and create an opaque privacy and sun screen.

The Soltis 92 and screen fabrics provide superb protection from the sun while affording a view of what lies beyond. They can be used for vertical panels on façade awnings as well as for Vario valances on patio awnings.



The world of Lewens awnings and glass roofs

Over 20 years of success.

What started out in 1998 on a 2000 m² production site has developed today into a company that employs around 200 people manufacturing high-quality awnings, glass roofs and components for sunshade products in a plant covering over 22000 m².

"Made in Germany" is more than just a phrase: now as back at the beginning, Lewens' production is a fully integrated operation extending from design and fabric make-up to assembly.



Portofino Interior type

Zip awning for glass roofs and conservatories.

Perfect wall-to-wall shade for glass roofs and conservatories with no intrusive light slits at the sides – that is what the Portofino interior awning offers. The closed zip guide of the awning with patented balance spring technology ensures that the awning is always taut. Options such as radio remote control and LED lighting integrated into the casing further enhance the comfort and convenience.


Glasdachmarkise Portofino Typ Pergola

Portofino Pergola type

Zip awning for glass roofs and conservatories.

Thanks to its closed zip guide, the Portofino Pergola patio awning is always perfectly tensioned, offering good looks teamed with complete shade from the sun. For greater flexibility and comfort on the patio, the Portofino also comes with Vario posts, enabling the front corners to be lowered for variable shade and relaxed, highly indulgent outdoor living.



Micro 2020

The square solution: vertical awning for glass roofs and wide window expanses

The Micro 2020 Z was conceived as a vertical awning especially for openings in the case of glass roofs and conservatories and for the wide window panes of panorama windows. Patented balance spring technology and a zip guide, which guides the fabric concealed in lateral tracks, ensure a taut sit of the awnng fabric. Screen glass fibre fabric ensures privacy and shade while retaining a view of the outside.


Glasdach Murano Integrale Zip

Murano Integrale Zip

Glass roof with integral zip awning.

Enjoy the patio at any time of the year and in any weather: the Murano Integrale Zip glass roof with integral zip awning offers the perfect all-weather protection, even for large patios. It embodies the ultimate in quality and convenience and features a closed zip guide and patented balance spring technology. These ensure that the awning on the Murano Integral Zip is always ideally tensioned and offers complete protection from the sun without any intrusive light gaps at the sides.




Total relaxation, every time

The Positano all-weather pergola offers a level of comfort and features to satisfy the highest demands. This awning with its rainproof cover provides adjustable protection from the elements for generously dimensioned patios of up to 42 m2 in size. It is perfectly complemented by the Micro 2020 vertical zip awning from Lewens with screen fabric that creates a custom-fit sunshade and privacy screen for the front.




The universal support frame from Lewens is extremely versatile:

pergolas, glass roofs and folding arm awnings can be installed on both sides as a free-standing structure to make optimum use of large spaces and provide maximum weather protection or shade from the sun. Single-sided use of the universal support frame is recommended for walls that are not sufficiently load-bearing, or for peripheral situations without any wall.